Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iAm loving it (IT)

It's a shame that Steve Jobs wasn't given more time to live. For him and his family and friends of course, but also because he's done so much to greatly enhance our life with computers and the mobile gadgets that we use at home, at work and everywhere.
First he gave us a much better alternative (the Mac) to the bug infested windows.
Then the iPod was created, the digital successor of Sony's walkman.
Microsoft tried to make a 'iPod killer', as they named it, the Zune.
Apart from the stupid name and ugly colors they gave them (poo brown and such), Microsoft never had any idea about what the customer wanted. They are only good at making dull and ugly products like Office.
The Zune was a complete failure of course.
Apple's iPhone was the success of the century and the start of a revolution in design and user friendliness.
And then there's the iPad, another strike and another blow to the windows pc market.
The pc is a fossil of the 1980's.
Now again spokesmen of various companies, full of envy about Apple's success, announce the 'iPhone killer' or the 'iPad killer' but all they do is trying to copy, lacking ideas and original concepts like Apple has.
In the meantime many users of Apple's products like me are having a good time and pc users and users of Android phones or tablets (Android is so like windows 95) are suffering many annoying times.
Jobs seems to left some plans for future products and continuity in furthermore improving the products of today, so I am curious what the future will bring. I'll trust they will do it right.
Steve may now be busy revolutionizing the Divine organization up there in Heaven.
They are longing for it too like we earthlings.

On the 19th of october there was a memorial for Steve Jobs at the Apple campus in Cupertino, Ca. where all employees gathered to remember him. The new ceo of Apple Tim Cook and Al Gore gave a speech and Norah Jones and Coldplay gave a performance.
CNet managed to film a short glimpse of this event from a helicopter: link (YouTube).
Apple has posted a video stream of the whole event:
open this url in your browser or media player on your Mac or pc: 'http://stream.qtv.apple.com/events/oct/10oiuhfvojb23/memorial_350_ref.mov'
or open this in Safari on your iPhone:
or on your iPad:

Apple has also set up a special webpage to remember him, where people have posted and still can post messages in response of Steve Jobs passing away.

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