Sunday, February 01, 2009

United Colors Of America

Although Americans are mostly conservative they sometimes choose to try out something completely different and never done before. Like a black or coloured guy to be their president. Yes you can!
Obama can make a change, but like most predecessors he will encounter resistance.
First of course he'll need to repair some of the damage caused by 8 years of Bush.
Then there's this crisis caused by greed, overconsumption and mismanagement.
The party is over, it's back to work now, for those who still have a job.
But some still don't realise it. Bankers and others in the top management of financial companies gave themselves billions of dollars of bonuses, even though their failure is apparent.
In the meantime Obama himself creates business opportunities for makers of action figures,
'Yes Pecan' icecream and a recordcompany selling a compilation cd 'A Change Is Gonna Come'.

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