Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Instant photography rediscovered

A few months ago I read about The Impossible Project, a project to newly develop instant film for Polaroid cameras. This project was started by a group of former employees of the Polaroid factory in Enschede, The Netherlands, after the factory was closed down. Because there was still demand for instant film (to use in original Polaroid cameras) and Polaroid themselves stopped production altogether, they tried and succeeded in reinventing the production of it, resulting in film packs being available again for the various Polaroid camera series: the 600 series, the SX-70 type, the Spectra and Image cameras. There are now films for color and silver gray shades photos, with white, gray, gold and black frames. You can get them at their web shop, or in their shops in some mayor cities, where they also have a collection of original cameras and new accessories, or at photoshops. Development of films is still going on; the light sensitivity is still an issue that is going to be tackled. I've been experimenting with two cameras, a OneStep express 600 series camera and a SX-70 type camera, a Polaroid Land camera Supercolor Autofocus 3500 (shown in the picture), which has a manual focus setting too, and various films.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Social media circles

Recently I joined Google plus, already using gmail and other Google services.
I must say it has become a bit of an addiction, posting messages or photos or reading and viewing other's in various circles I have created or added ('photographers', 'writers', or just funny and interesting people), from people all over the world whom I didn't know before.
To stay in touch with local friends and family I prefer to use my Facebook account.

New social media services come and go. One time it is 'hip' to be one of them, then they become less favorable and everybody is moving to other places to connect.

I'm going to stick to the two afore mentioned, unless they become invaded by a mass of advertisements or other commercialisation.