Sunday, July 31, 2005

Space, Man!

Damage discovery
The Shuttle has been launched to space again, it connected to the spacestation (ISS), you can watch the live or recorded videos on NASA TV (wmp/real), but there was a nasty discovery: (small) damage to the heatshield. Which on a larger scale caused the fatal crash of a shuttle returning to earth.
Let's hope this crew gets home safely.

One of the astronauts onboard the shuttle, Steve Robinson, has recorded the first podcast from space
Update 2!
The shuttle landed safely this morning, Tuesday, August 9 2005, at Edwards Air Force Base in California!

More space-related stuff
- Google has made a photomap of the moon on which you can see the landingspots of the Apollo- missions,
- You can see Quicktime VR panoramas of the Apollo 11-17 missions to the moon,
- a 10th planet (or is it not a planet?), larger than Pluto, has been discovered in the outlying regions of the solar system.