Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Year Of The Rat

This year it's the 'Year of the Rat", according to the Chinese. Rats are appreciated as intelligent creatures by them, while in the Western world and most civilized parts of the world they are considered as vermin.
Whereas dogs are popular companions for Westerners, they are popular in China for their meat.
The rotten communist regime of China, responsible for millions of Chinese and Tibetans being killed for political reasons, during the "Cultural revolution" in China and the occupation of Tibet, is desperately trying to keep the Chinese and Tibetan people in mental slavery.
Like in Aldous Huxley's "Animal farm", a satire on communism, some pigs, or rats, are.more equal than others; Although communism was meant as a system where all are equal and everything should be in the benefit of all, the communist party of China considers itself as an elite, guiding the ordinary people. This communist elite is much better off than the people.
They try to keep them satisfied by giving them the freedom of consumerism, but that won't work much longer.
Because of the Olympic Games, this year in China, the gouvernment tries to put up a facade of civilisation and prosperity, demolishing poor neighboorhoods in Beijing (Peking) with little consideration for those who live there, locking up dissidents to keep them away from journalists...
Dissidents like Lu Gengson, who got 4 years of prison for writing about corrupt politicians.
If you are a dissident in China you may end up as an unvoluntary organ donor.

A few days ago the Chinese occupiers crushed protests by Tibetans of whom maybe up to 100 were killed and others who were captured shown to the public in a humiliting way.
The Tibetans are victims of a cultural genocide, since their peaceful nation was brutally put under Chinese rule. The policy is to make the Tibetans a minority in their own country and their relegion is submit to communist rule..
The Chinese communists showed their ugly evil face once again. Bad publicity for them of course.
But the civilized world could now force a breakthrough for (more) freedom and independence for Tibet. Until now the Chinese occupation of tibet wasn't much of an issue in international politics, because - specially the Western nations - have economical interests in China.

Let's free Tibet and the Chinese people from communist slavery!