Sunday, December 10, 2006

Global Warming

In Europe we are having the warmest Fall in centuries. Is that caused by the 'global warming'?
The ski resorts in the Swiss and Austrian Alps may have a bad season because there isn't much snow, nature is confused and trees blossoming like it's Spring.

According to some scientists there's no global warming but a shift of the thermical balance between the North and South Pole; the northern part of our world is getting warmer with more rainfall and the southern part is becoming colder and dryer. Wanna see the effect of Global Warming? Get the Global Warming Mug!
Politicians in Europe suddenly are interested and worried about envirenmental issues after Al Gore's visit to Europe, where he did his presentation of "An unconvenient truth". The prime minister of the Netherlands, where I live, Harry Potter, and Tony Blair felt the need to write a letter about it, although they really don't give a shit about it.
Usually they are more interested in unlimited economic growth.