Sunday, January 02, 2005


A much bigger tsunami than the one that hit Asia last Christmas could hit the U.S. and the Caribbean islands in the future.
Scientists from the States and from Europe are convinced that not only a earthquake, but also a landslide into the sea caused by the eruption of a volcano, could create a huge tsunami of up to 150 meters high. These could overflow 20 kilometers of land.
Eruptions of, for example, the Kraketau and volcanos on Hawaii have caused tsunamis in the previous century and the Cubre de Diega volcano, on the Canary island La Palma, could cause a enormous wave if a new eruption would let it fall apart even further after the previous one (1949).
But this catastrophe will be preceded by clear signs, so there will be some time to evacuate.

Just letting you know.

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