Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Macworld San Francisco 2005 Expo Keynote

Steve Jobs, still going strong after his cancer treatment, presented some great new Apple stuff at the MacWorld that's going on in San Francisco these days. I don't want to advertise for some company, but you got to admire those clever guys, who know so well how to make a computer more fun and ideal for creative people. The Mac Mini, the new computer that is not much bigger than a discman, the new iLife software with amazing features like High Definition movie editing, the iPod Shuffle, an mp3-player with the size of a lighter, and much more...
What a difference with Microsoft, Steve Balmer at their presentation yelling like a lunatic about some new dull features in dull software like Word and calling mp3 users thieves. Bill Gates saying free content makers and promotors (webloggers, podcasters) are commies. They don't like things they can't control and make big money with. First they should finally fix those mayor security holes in their crappy operatingsystem. This mediacenter thing is so dull too, tv watching on your computer, wow some invention?!

Apple - QuickTime - Macworld San Francisco 2005 Expo Keynote

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