Thursday, October 21, 2004

Video into air projection

Hi, I found this through a Podcast (

Project Video into Air

Architect Chad Dyner has created the Heliodisplay - a plug and play device that streams video and computer images into mid air from most video sources (TV, DVD, computer, videogame etc.) and lets you interact with it with either your hand or finger like a floating touch screen.

According to the website, air comes into the device and is then modified and ejected to produce the image. Nothing is added though, to the air so there isn`t any danger of harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device, and nothing needs to be refilled so its pretty easy to maintain. Currently available in a 15 inch version for $18,600.
Interactive Map (13.1 megs)
Watch (5.6 megs)
Various Content (27.1 megs)
Demo with different background and lighting
Simpe demo of interactive feature (2.0 megs)

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