Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Update about Claude Lelouch movie

On Januari 10, this year, I posted an article about a short movie by the French director Claude Lelouch, called 'Rendezvous', showing a rollercoaster ride through Paris (France) in the nineteen-seventies, by a guy on the way to a meeting with his girl.
The link to the movie-file in that post appears to be dead, as I found out at Michael Meiser's blog. But there is another place where you can find it, in a much smaller size.

There are also some other interesting articles to be found about this movie that has a "cult" status: one is a review on a site about cult films, and another is an excerpt from a biography of Claude Lelouch about the movie (in french).

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Michael Meiser said...

Howdy, THank's for the notice, I just rediscovered that other source less than 24 hours ago.

BTW, I have A BUNCH more information on that including maps! The most amazing part is that the story behind it is more interesting than the video. It doesn't disapoint. Let's just say Lamb, 1976, Sunrise, one take, one spotter, the driver and the girl, director arrested at screening, film goes underground untill rediscovered recently. It's good. As soon as I get a chance to post it I'll let you know. FYI, it's available on DVD though it's not like it's on Amazon. It's a must buy.

Talk to you soon.

-Mike of mmeiser.com/blog